Koala Conservation

Koala Conservation

Koalas Conservation Efforts

There are plenty of conservation efforts in place for the Koala. They were once heavily hunted for their furs, drastically reducing their population in the wild. Today they are still hunted by some for the furs but there isn’t a large amount of money in it as there was before. Due to that change the incentive has vanished for many of the earlier hunters that were looking to make some fast money.

Conservation efforts heavily fall in the effort of trying to protect the habitat where these animals live. Large areas of the forest continue to be cut down and removed for other things to be put in their place. There are now busy highways that continue through these areas as well.

As a result of those roads there are many accidents involving vehicles and Koalas. In some of these areas the speed limits have been significantly reduced, especially at night time. This has helped somewhat but there are still plenty of accidents that occur annually in these areas.

Sexually transmitted diseases seem to be a huge problem in the Koala population. They are known to transmit Chlamydia to each other which can cause them to be sterile. This comes from a type of microorganism that is in their environment. Studies are being conducted to identify the source as well as to find ways to change the problem.

The hotter climate in the forest continues to be at the core of some problems for the Koala. When the get too hot they are less likely to eat. At the same time the eucalyptus trees can end up offering less nutritional value as the sun zaps it. These animals are already working with low nutritional value to start with.

They live in the trees so when forest areas are cut away they will lose their homes. It isn’t uncommon for the trees to be removed with the animals still in there. It seems in many ways there is no regard for their lives. They are viewed as a barrier rather than something to be protected. Changing that mindset takes time and it is going to take establishing laws and then strictly enforcing them.

High percentage of the forests in Australia where eucalyptus trees grow have been removed. There is only 20% left for these animals to live on. A great deal of it is also privately owned land. That means the owners can do what they wish with it. The outlook is very grime for the Koala due to this fact.

A great deal of the land continues to be cleared away so that farms can be put in their place. This is so the people of Australia can grow food for their own needs as well as to make money. Finding a balance for humans and the Koala to survive though is proving to be exceptionally difficult.

There are many experts that believe the Koala will become extinct within the next 30 years if efforts aren’t taken to protect them now. That is a grim outlook for this animal and so positive changes need to be implemented. Protecting the environment of the Koala so that they have adequate room to live and food to eat is a step in the right direction. Wildfires are very common in the regions where these animals live. They are more likely to occur during the summer months.

Entire groups of Koalas can be wiped out when such a problem arises. Being on alert in the areas where these wildfires occur is important. Fast actions to stop the fires can be a way to help protect the Koalas from using their habitat and their lives.